The worlds largest bismuth crystals.

I have once again decided to embark on the journey of growing the worlds finest, largest bismuth crystal. With my calculations it should become at least 12" tall by 8" to 10" round. I am looking for someone that is willing to invest in my project. This person, or persons will then hold sole right to something that no one else in the world will have. If you are interested in coming along on this incredible adventure send me an e-mail and we can discuss this once in a lifetime unique opportunity. First person to accept will be the only one!!!

To become part of this adventure send me, Ken, an e-mail.

I have always wanted to try and grow larger and more intricate bismuth crystals and have twice embarked on that expedition with somewhat productive results but no "dream" crystal. That is another story all together. Here though I am displaying the worlds 2 largest bismuth crystals. The largest is a mammoth 721 grams, and the second being 632 grams. You might ask yourself how I can make the claim as to them being the largest. Having grown bismuth crystals for well over 16 years I have learned and seen others attempt to proclaim that they have the largest crystal. It is relatively easy to grow a bismuth crystal that you can detatch from the side of a pot and have it's dimensions and weight be close to mine. But to actually grow one that you can have be a freestanding crystal that you can display all sides is truly a work of art.

Since I have posted the worlds largest bismuth crystal on my website I have received e-mails from another person that says he has the largest in the world. He sells on Ebay. By weight he does, but buyer beware. As I mentioned before, it is relatively easy to pull a crystal from the side of a large pot, or off the surface. If I wanted to do that I would. I believe in quality first. It's your hard earned money. Ask to see pictures of all sides. You will be surprised what you will see. If they don't show you all sides in there pictures. Are they hiding something?? That being said, for the finest quality, largest bismuth crystals in the world, you have come to the right place.

This is the worlds largest bismuth crystal at 721 grams. It has beautiful clean lines and features on all sides with lovely colors. I do not have the dimensions of it as I sold it to Theodore Gray. He is a private client of mine and he writes articles for Popular Science magazine. You can find his website at this link.

This one I have at home on display. It weighs an amazing 632 grams and is freestanding with lovely colors.

For now though, I have put away my notes on my dream crystal and will hopefully attempt it another time and have my expidition end gloriuosly.

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