"I'm getting one of these for my Mother. She's got everything, but not one of these"

The above quote was from a friend of ours that just had to get one for her Mom. When her Mom recieved it she placed it on the window sill above her sink. There it catches the sun and reflects the rainbow of colors onto the surrounding surfaces.

You have come to the place where you will find the most beautiful and unique bismuth crystals ranging from prices under $5.00 to over $50.00. I have been growing bismuth crystals for many years and now offer them to you. Amazing , yes they are. People ask me if it is neat to watch them grow. It would be. But you can't watch. Mother Nature won't let you. It's her secret. I tell people it's like trying to look to the center of a can of paint. Can't do it. Simply click on the price range you are looking for and you will be brought to that section.

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