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Submitted by anonymous.

It was the Christmas season and I was standing in the line up at the local Canadian Tire store. My sister in law who lived out of town had called my wife and wanted a digital camera for a present for one of her kids. So I was elected to go stand in line and wait to buy it. People people everywhere as I stood there with a bunch of strangers. Had to go early to make sure the sister in law got what she wanted so I made the best of it and listened to all the people around me tell there Christmas tales. 2 sets of people behind me stood a young mother with her daughter and all the little girl could talk about was the new camera that Grandma was going to get and how much she was going to like it. "What do you think Mom", she would say, "What do you think she will take her first picture of Mom?". Well not to soon the line started moving and I inched my way closer to the front. No sooner did I get close enough to the front then I heard the teller explaining to one of the other customers who had been waiting about 1 1/2 hours, that they had 24 coupons for the camera and that he got his for sure. I then over heard another person in front of me say that they had received coupon 19. Hmmm, I counted from him back to me and I was 23 and the man behind me was 24. That meant that the young Mom and her daughter would not get a coupon for the camera that the little girl so dearly wanted to get for her Grandma. Thats when I decided that when I got my coupon I would give it to them. So when it was my turn I received my coupon and asked the teller if there was only 24 available. When she said yes I turned and gave my coupon to the young Mom and her daughter and wished them a Merry Christmas and said I hope your Grandma really enjoys her present. Leaving the store I had the greatest feeling in the world and when I got home I told my wife that I was number 25 in the line up.

Submitted by Paul Tenser.

I was trying to decide if I was crazy to be spending so much money (it's all relative) on a bismuth crystal when I read Ken's description of the "powers" of the crystals. As an individual who was scientifically trained (I was a professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology for 35 years before my retirement) I have always thought absurd the magical/healing powers attributed to various crystals.(I still, most definitely do, but ain't coincidence grand?) I read that bismuth crystals help us to deal with isolation and loneliness. My beautiful wife Fran died a little over two years ago and although I have dealt with (?) many of the feelings of absolute grief that came with her passing, I am still largely immobilized with a sense of isolation and loneliness. Talk about a karmic lightning bolt. There was no longer a question in my mind. I always tried to surround Fran with objects as beautiful as she was - some natural, some of my own or other people's making. I can only think of the loving smile on her face as I give it to her. Thanks Ken

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